More Street Photography From The Capital

As much as I love Ottawa, sometimes I miss the bustle of a bigger city, it’s hard to remain inconspicuous on an empty street. Rideau street and The Byward Market are pretty much the only areas in Ottawa where you can find a decent flow of people; during rush hour a good chunk of the population has to pass through here, everyone intent on getting home as quickly as possible.

My new favorite combo is my Sony Nex and Voigtlander 25mm Skopar. On the Nex the 25mm is equivalent to a 35-40mm but with the advantage of keeping the larger depth of field you get with a wider lens. This makes it perfect for shooting from the hip; after a couple days shooting I can visualize the field of view fairly accurately, just set to hyper focal and shoot away.

I’m also really liking the really low high-iso noise of the Nex; it allows me to shoot at 800 without worrying about excess noise. “But Jesse”, you say, “iso 800 in bright sunlight? That’s crazy talk!”. True, but I’m finding that my keeper rate has sky-rocketed doing this. The reason? Usually with a 25mm lens, 1/30th of a second would be fine to stop any camera shake blurriness, but street photography presents a few unique challenges. I’m walking most of the time I’m shooting and so are my subjects; this makes for some heavy duty camera shake and motion blur. By shooting at 800 in daylight I can keep my shutter speed at around 1/1000th of a second and keep my shots nice and sharp. You can check out more of Ottawa’s streets on my Flickr.