England Trip 2011: Round Two

I’m slowly going through all the thousands of photos I took on my spring trip to London. As I said in my previous England post, while I brought a bunch of film gear on the trip, I ended up using my Sony Nex 3 for most of the trip. As much as I was impressed with the camera it really made me realize how much my mindset changes depending on what I’m shooting with. When I’m shooting film I’m much more careful with each shot. I take my time framing, judging exposure and I’m much more reluctant to squeeze off a shot at just anything. My keeper rate when shooting film is definitely much higher. Out of a 36 shot roll I’m usually happy with roughly half the frames and will get at least 2-3 really nice shots.

Comparing that to shooting digital, I get the same number of keepers from a full 8 gig card with hundreds of shots on it. I’m much more trigger happy with digital and quite a bit sloppier with framing and exposure because I don’t have that little voice in the back of my head saying “That picture’s going to cost you $0.25 to take, and you only have 10 more shots on the roll”. On the plus side though, I find digital does produce more dynamic and unusual shots because I’m more willing to take risks on subjects I wouldn’t take the chance of wasting a frame of film on. The nightmare begins when I get home after a two week trip with 3000+ images to go through.

I’m about half way through now, I still have all of Iceland to go through but they’re coming. I’m definitely going to have to make a second pass at these shots though in about six months time. Time enough to get some distance from the subject matter.

On a different note, a lot of cool stuff has been going on in Ottawa lately, stay tuned for pics from Fringe Festival, Roller Derby and more from the world of Canadian Music.