Grafea Camera Bag Shoot

Amidst the craziness of Ottawa Fashion Week I snuck in a shoot with Tania for Grafea London. Grafea are the creators of some of the most gorgeous and affordable leather bags, briefs and purses I’ve ever seen. I wrote a review for their newest camera bag, the Grafea PHOTO a few months ago and recently they approached me to do a shoot for the bag.

I wanted to do an outdoor shoot, but Ottawa has not been very accommodating weather wise. It’s been either too cold, too sunny or too rainy every time I tried to put the shoot together, finally we decided to just go for it, regardless of the weather and see what happens. This particular day it was blindingly sunny and deceptively cold. We ended up having to do the shoot in whatever shade we could find. It turned into a complete run and gun, eight locations and four hundred plus shots in just under an hour.

Sometimes I actually prefer this method as it keeps you from over thinking things. You can have a great plan with the perfect location and somehow when it’s time to shoot there just isn’t that magic you pictured in your mind. By running from location to location and shooting a minimal number of shots per site you get a great variety to work with afterwards and avoid the

“200 shots of the exact same thing” syndrome that seems to have taken over the digital workflow. One of my least favorite things that digital has given me, hours sorting through what’s essentially the same photo to pick out the best shot. It also keeps the model fresh and spontaneous, over all I think it worked out well in this case.

You can see the rest of the Grafea Camera Bag Shoot on my Flickr. Stay tuned, as some of the shots are currently up on Grafea’s Blog and some will soon be included on their website as well. Many thanks to Tania, she was great to work with as always.

  • IChun IChun S

    I found this beautiful bag on your website. I gotta have it. A big question before I order – what color is this bag and the color of your grafea photo bag review??? Their website has brown and caramel. Your photo of the bag looks to be in between these colors… Hope you can read this post on an old blog entry.

  • Jesse Hildebrand

    My bag is the Caramel… it just gets darker with age and application of waterproofing oils